Where do you host your business emails?

We regularly assist clients trying to locate their business emails when they embark on business software upgrades. This audit often reveals multiple email addresses using multiple email providers acquired over a number of years. 

Small business clients typically signup up for 'free' emails bundled in with their website/domain hosting, their internet service  provider, or with entry -level free webmail solutions like gmail or outlook. 

Consider how important emails are to your business. They are a direct communication channel to your clients.  Your inbox and outbox contains a history of your shared business relationship. They are used to access your business assets including accounting systems, banks, social media and vendor software.

‘Free’ and low cost email services tend to have reduced functionality which equates to low productivity. Is the mail client easy to manage your emails? Can you sync your emails across all your devices? Do your emails get sent in a timely fashion? Can you get 24x7 support when things go wrong? 

Email issues can be very disruptive to a business. Having lower storage limits causing problems like mailbox “out of space” errors at inconvenient times, too much incoming spam, and unreliable email delivery. And then not being able to get help by phone or online chat promptly!

Is your email service offering up-to-date security features? Protecting your business and personal email data from data mining and security breaches is an obligation to your business and to your customers and vendors

If you are using free/low-cost emails consider migrating your emails to industry-leading email providers. Typically businesses change website and telecommunication providers every few years, so moving away from those providers for emails will minimise business disruptions later. 

There are many email providers available, but as a starting point look at leading solutions such as Microsoft 365 for business or Google Workspace. Both bundle emails with video meeting software, storage, security and phone or chat-based support, security features plus upgrade plans as your business grows. You can compare their plans with other leading email solution providers to ensure key features are covered.

Plan an email audit today and engage an email migration professional to alleviate 'email stress' in your business.